Daily Stretches

Daily Static Stretches (Click title for video)

Note: Stretches should be held in an uncomfortable position (not painful) for 15 second intervals. If more time is allotted each stretch may be done multiple times.  Static stretches can and should be done at least once a day especially after a practice or game to maximize elasticity of the muscle.


Lower Body

  1. Wall Quad Stretch
  2. Single Leg Hamstring Stretch with Chin Tuck
  3. Standing Hamstring Stretch
  4. Glute Stretch
  5. Splits
  6. Standing IT Band Stretch
  7. Standing Wall Calf Stretch
  8. Leaning Deep Lunge Hipflexer Stretch
  9. Lying Twisting Back Stretch
  10. Upward Dog Abdominal Stretch


Upper Body

  1. Cross-Over Shoulder Stretch
  2. Behind the Head Triceps Stretch
  3. Wall Pectoral Stretch
  4. Leaning Lat Stretch
  5. Multi-Directional Neck Stretch