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BAHA Coaching Info

Please follow the steps below, links for the different required items are listed a little lower on the page.

BAHA Coaches Wanted!

Anyone interested in coaching is required to submit a coaching application. Use the Google Form link below to submit your coaching application. 

For application submission questions, please contact BAHA at
For coaching questions, please contact Brent Potvin


Coaching Application via Google Forms-click here

Coach Registration Process and Instructions

Steps 1-6 Must be done before you are allowed on the ice per USA Hockey Rules.

Steps 4-7 can be done in any order, but should all be done relatively at the same time as one another so as not to drag out the certification process.

Please keep all receipts, BAHA reimburses you for your registration, age specific modules and CEP Clinic fees.  Please turn all receipts in together to BAHA at the rink for reimbursement.

Thank you.

Step 1:  USA Hockey Registration ($47)   CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register as a coach.  You will need the confirmation number in Step 2. You'll need a USA Hockey coaches account and login. This is new in the last couple of seasons, please read directions closely on the USA Hockey coaches page and login page for details. Once logged in, select "my profile" to view your USA coaching account info to verify completion of items, check your status etc.

Step 2:  BAHA Coach Registration (Free)   Click on the Coach Registration bar below and proceed.  During this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.

Step 3: MN/USA Hockey Background Screening ($30)    Click on this link for the MN/USA Hockey Screening Link and proceed. The MN Hockey link will take you to the USA Hockey screening page. Use the same NGIN login for MN Hockey website/screening. Results may take a week or more to receive back.   DO NOT  DO THIS STEP IF YOU COMPLETED A BACKGROUND SCREENING WITH MINNESOTA HOCKEY FOR THE 2022/2023 SEASON  (Background screenings are good for 2 years)  District is 15

**A government issued ID will be required to be uploaded at the time of registration. You can upload a digital image of your ID (driver’s license, passport or non-driver state ID). Please have a jpg, pdf, bmp, gif, tif or png file that is less than 4MB on your computer prior to beginning your registration.**

Step 4:  Complete the SafeSport Courses (no cost).  This is an online training that must be done prior to being allowed on the ice, required annually. New coaches need to take initial training, returning coaches can do refresher course when the system informs you of what you need.

Step 5:  Complete Concussion Certification (no cost).  This part is State Law. The form and training information can be found in the BAHA coaches registration and below.  Please return all forms to BAHA. (Certification is good for 2 years)

Step 6:  Complete the appropriate USA Hockey Age Specific Module ($10) for the level you're coaching. This is an online training program that stays with you as long as you're coaching....(do it once per lifetime, not every year)

Step 7: Attend a CEP Clinic ($55) For In-House Teams(Mites/Mini-Mites/6U/8U) You need to at least have a Level 1 certification. You do not need to advance to the next level until you coach a travel age team ex. Squirts/10U and up. For travel teams, you need to attain the next level of certification every season.  Level 1 up to Level 2 and so on up to level 5. Level 4 and 5 are good for multiple years, but do require continuing education credits to renew or advance.
Numerous CEP Clinics/Courses may be offered virtually. Please verify the class details, virtual or in person, and the time zone before you register. CEP Clinic dates are released on a schedule, details are listed on the USA Hockey page using the link below.
Link to USA Hockey CEP Clinics ->


You can only attain one CEP level per year, and you must start at level 1 and progress your way annually through the levels if you continue to coach every year(for travel aged teams).  Registration through USA Hockey must be done every year in conjunction with the CEP Courses. Exception is for Mite/Mini-Mite/8U/6U - as long as you're at least level 1 certified you do not need to advance to level 2 until you coach a travel aged team, but you still need to register with USA Hockey as a coach.

For complete USA Hockey rules regarding the CEP please visit this link.

BAHA Coach Registration Link (this is for BAHA records and is in addition to USA registration etc.)

Click Blue Bar Below.

Coach Eduction Program Links

Questions? Please contact:

Brent Potvin

Hockey Director

Phone: 218-820-9939