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Concessions & Volunteer

Amy Binda

Amy Binda

Concession Manager

Phone: 218-316-0089 (text preferred)

Volunteer Information

Current DIBS items are available for those who have registered. To claim DIBS for the current season, your registration must first be completed to be eligible.


As part of the BAHA Web Site, we are pleased to offer a volunteer shift claiming system online.  This system will simplify our processes and improves our ability to offer and manage our volunteer hours.  The Volunteer System is called DIBS and can be accessed by clicking on the DIBS Tab on the BAHA Home page. You will need to be logged into the BAHA site in order to access the DIBS Volunteer system.



Using the DIBS Volunteer System

Welcome to the DIBS Volunteer System.  We hope you find it to be user friendly to locate, sign up for (“claim”) and keep track of your concession, volunteer and tournament volunteer shifts for the upcoming season. 

It’s easy to get started in the DIBS Volunteer system. 

1.       Log into the BAHA Web Site.  Click on DIBS on the top banner on the BAHA Home Page.

2.      Choose the session that you would like to “Claim” and click on it.  Review the details and then click the “claim” button that will appear toward the bottom of the page to “sign up” or “claim” the session.

3.      An email reminder will be sent to the emails listed in your account profile 1 day prior to the day of your shift.

4.      For concession shifts only: You will have until 7 days prior to the shift to cancel if needed. If your claimed shift is less than 7 days away you need to contact Concession Manager with your request.  (If someone else does not claim the shift you will need to pay for an approved Youth Worker to work the shift.)


Concession Shift Types
Practice shifts: Generally fairly quiet and offer limited food selection.  These are generally during the week and quite often you will be opening and closing concessions. 

Game shifts: These are a little busier and offer a full selection of our menu items. 

Monday Cleaning Shifts: I love the Monday cleaning crews! If you would rather spend your time giving the concessions some TLC than work during open hours then you are perfect for this.  This is when concessions gets its weekly 'deep cleaning'.  

High School Games: There are prep shifts, pizza/taco table shifts, and game shifts for the Varsity games.  These can be crazy busy but are also tons of fun. We work hard but we have a great time! 

You may be opening or closing concessions during your shift.  This will be indicated in the shift details when you select it for review. There are instructions for these shifts in concessions.  

Children under 14 are not allowed in concessions.

Concession Punch Cards


The Concession Stand will be offering a $25 punch card.  They will be available at the concession stand and will be kept behind the counter for your convenience.   Each member of your family will be able to use the punch card by simply giving the volunteer your name and they in turn will punch the card with the dollar amount spent.   




Parents or guardians of the hockey players are expected to fulfill these shifts.

9th-12th grade students are allowed to work in concessions but only when they are working with an adult.  You can sign them up to work with you if there is another shift available to claim.  16 and older for game shifts. 

Adults only for BHS Varsity games please.

Children under 14 are not allowed in concessions.   Please make other arrangements for them during your shifts.