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BAHA Try Out Information

This page will be the default page for all tryout information throughout the weekend.

Please make sure to check here for any postings and/or schedules.

Information on this page is being updated and any new info is added as soon as possible for families to help plan.

Tryout Information

2023-2024 BAHA Travel Team Tryouts will be Friday-Sunday, October 6-8, 2023.


**Reminder** All aspects of the tryout weekend (including scrimmages) are closed to spectators.

Attendance at try-outs is mandatory, exceptions will only be made for school functions, church obligations and pre-planned/approved family events, injury or illness.  Those that miss try-outs for reasons other than those listed or opt out, will be placed on the lowest team at that level. If you are unable to make a try-out time please contact Brent Potvin.


The PDC has drafted a power point (link below) for everyone to look at pertaining to tryouts.  In this document, you will find everything you need to know about the tryout weekend.  We felt this document would be a good reference point for anyone that has questions pertaining to our tryout process and the inner workings of how that weekend plays out.   We feel strongly that the future of Brainerd Hockey is robust and moving in the right direction and we view our tryout process as the starting point.  This document will hopefully provide the clarity necessary for everyone to have a successful weekend and have a deeper understanding of the process involved.  The PDC puts an immense amount of time and effort into this weekend to make it a success.  We firmly believe in the process and are very excited to see the direction it takes us!

Please take the time to review the document carefully and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to our hockey director for clarification on any items.  He can be reached at

Any questions or clarifications, if need be, will be addressed at the PDC level if deemed necessary.

12U Rosters

12U A 12U B
Aliyah Dumproppe Annie Brown
Kaylie Glas Nora Chan
Addison Goebel Delaney Dolen
Ellie Haugstad Leah Haar
Ellie Houle Aftyn Herriges
Olivia Ithivongkham Sivelan Kokesh
Ashley Leblanc Olivia Paskey
Ally Oium Ellysha Rademacher
Jessa Tohm Taylor Stange
Baily Tohm Layla Welch
Andi White Mckenna Westphal


Canyon Plested Maxwell Neptune
Daniel Gerlich Drew Christensen
Michael Hagelie Samuel Manecke
Ayden Dobis Grayson Roberts
Gus Lund William Fleck
Jack Hagberg Taieton Peterson
Cade Wharton Walter Prahm
Logan Ciardelli Nolan Kennedy
Richard Pyle III Landen Maclaughlin
Connor Fulton Colin Barnum
Jack Jones Jack Haugen
Ace Schindler Harry Nysather
Axton Peterson Gavin Goltz
Griffin Bartholomaus Brian Forsberg
Charles Pieper
Grayson Johnson White
Toby Bassett


Connor Henson Carson Katezenberger Cato Clough
Kellan Timmons Joel Feierabend Jonathon Stimac
Brayden Velasco Tate Books Colby Phillips
Sullivan Lick Carter Lee Thomas Grecula
Connor Hoff Liam Ogrady Dillon St Hillaire
Jace Potvin Breken Stamm Brandon Olstad
Niklas Wenshau John Norris Dylan Gulstad
Matt Leary Easton Sweet Hunter Hanson
Nolan Gakin Isaac Dahlheimer Everett Wachsmuth
Jack Featherston Kellan Oshea Kipton Isle
Caden Johnson Logan Steele Myles Means
Nayden Blum Henry Kiffmeyer Braydon Hand
Colin Reed Eli Sweet Cyrus Endriss
Brogan David Finn Herron Triston Badger
Arend VanWyngeeren Riley Rausch Lawson Merck
Lawson Sullivan Jonah Ahlers
Dezmond Roach


AA B1 B2 C
6 Cohen Gangl 4 Bentley Rife 5 Navy Anderson 1 Blake Werhan
8 Jack Lindner 11 Bennett Lick 9 Joseph Sando 2 Decklyn Roberts
10 Judson Reese 20 Nolan Ranweiler 12 Landen Luedtke 3 Deacon Roberts
13 Owen Gunderson 23 Tate Campbell 15 Bowen Dalland 7 Blake Verrips
16 Kaden Teasck 26 Andrew Hochmayr 18 Westin Herbst 14 Anton Smithson
19 Easton Haugstad 34 Wyatt Henson 29 Calvin Wegscheid 17 Ervin Stanek
21 Garrett Gunderson 41 Aiden Lee 39 Archer Feierabend 27 Wesley Frericks
22 Jack Murray 65 Jackson Thompson 43 William Winegar 31 Aspeyn Winship
25 Connor Stewart 68 Frederik Vanwyngeeren 45 Jonathan Bassett 35 Reid Wallace
52 Reed Vanwyngeeren 72 Colton Moores 71 Charley Hall 42 Kaysen Devries
66 Carter Reed 76 Parker Hokanson 77 Brody Mccafferty 50 Malachi Faas
97 Christian Stewart 86 Jordy Potvin 78 Scotty Moe 65 Eirik Moen
98 Owen Huberty 88 Nolan Olson 84 Levi Hanske 67 Emmett Loisel
87 Hugo Sweet 89 Colton Goins
30 Trevan David 32 Joseph Johnson 93 Ledger Merck
33 Hunter Luedtke




White or black colored tape only on the blade.  Wax and knob color, if used, can be players choice.


Skate Laces-

White or black colored skate laces only


Helmet and gloves-

Royal Blue required for all levels including bantams.  Bauer Blue also acceptable.



-Royal blue breezers will be required.  Only exception to this is if a player has ordered breezer covers to wear.  As a way to protect and prolong use of the covers, players will be allowed to practice without them but will be required to have them on for games.  In this instance only, any color breezers are acceptable.


Hockey Socks-

-Must be brainerd colors be it blue, white or gray.  Socks can be solid or striped.  AAA socks will not be allowed for any BAHA in season practices or games.


Practice Jersey’s-

-For all in season practices, Brainerd solid colored jerseys or BAHA practice jerseys must be worn.  AAA jerseys will not be allowed.  If your player does not have a properly colored jersey, please let your coach know and they will find a solution for you.


Helmet Stickers-

-Any and all non Brainerd/BAHA stickers must be removed prior to tryouts.  Brainerd stickers are ok to leave on.


Tryout requirements-

-Any player showing up to tryouts without the requirements listed above will be asked to leave the ice until the requirements are met.  If a player misses an entire session due to not meeting the requirements, the missed session will not be able to be made up.  All BAHA representatives (Board and PDC members) in attendance at tryouts will be enforcing the above requirements.  For the tryouts, those using breezer covers, please wear them to tryouts if you don’t have royal colored breezers.  If your covers have not arrived yet, if ordered and using a different colored breezer, please inform your child that they are coming so they can relay that message to a BAHA representative in the event they get questioned. 

-Tryouts are an extremely busy time at the rink for multiple people.  Please plan ahead and get your skates sharpened PRIOR to your first session if they are needing to be done.  There is no guarantee that they will be able to get done on time at the rink if you wait until the day of.  Starting the weekend off prepared and ready is the first step in having a successful tryout.

-As a reminder, all of our tryout sessions are closed to our members.  Squirt parents, you are allowed to enter the rink to help tie your players skates if needed but will be required to leave the building after your players skates are tied.

-Please show up 45 minutes before your first session to get checked in and tryout jersey.  These jerseys will be the players to use all weekend long and will be collected on Sunday after your final session.

-As a reminder, only the Friday groupings have been posted.  Sat morning, sat evening and Sunday groupings will be sent out at the conclusion of the previous session.  You must check to make sure you know your grouping for the next session.  Coming to the wrong session may result in a missed session for your player.